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Algunas preguntas que nos hacen a menudo

  • What is the benefit of using Frontline?
    Frontline augments the role of the planner and enables project teams to find the best plan for their project, reducing duration, optimizing resource utilization, and ultimately bringing down costs. Fundamentally, Frontline develops tools that enable the planner to break the limitations of traditional scheduling software. Be it understanding past project performance to use this learning when developing a new project plan, finding better alternatives that optimize their current project delivery, or making a sense of project progress, what has changed and why. Our software’s goal is to eliminate or automate manual, repetitive, and low-value-added tasks so that project planners focus exclusively on adding value.
  • What type of projects or project phase works best with Frontline?
    Frontline works best for complex projects with hundreds of activities and tens of different trades coming together to deliver results. The main use cases for Frontline are pre-construction and during execution. During pre-construction, when the team is developing the baseline schedule, Frontline will help to develop this initial plan and automatically explore alternatives and what-if scenarios to deliver the project. During execution, Frontline will help to evaluate progress and forecast completion based on it and in case changes or delays happen, automatically propose remedial actions.
  • What do I need in terms of planning & scheduling to get started with Frontline?
    The bare minimum required to start using Frontline is a list of activities and a sequence in Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project format. Other scheduling software can be integrated via XML export. The more detailed the schedule is, the more granular and tangible Frontline’s analysis and optimizations will be. Resource loading or cost loading the schedule is not required. Frontline does this for you easily and effortlessly with very quick inputs.
  • Do I need a perfectly detailed, resource & cost-loaded schedule?
    No, resource or cost loading your initial schedule is not necessary. Frontline will analyze any schedule with a set of activities and a logic to do them regardless of the resource and cost information. The only difference will be that you won't see results for resource & cost optimization. We understand that resource and cost loading a schedule is complex, tedious, and time-consuming. That is why Frontline has functionalities built-in to enable users to resource or cost load effortlessly and automatically their schedules simply by clicking 1 button.
  • What is Frontline changing exactly?
    Frontline will make changes to your schedule depending on the optimization goal that is desired and the settings used. Changes could be activity duration, start & end dates, labor resource allocation to activities, material resource rate to activities, and if enabled, sequence and schedule logic.
  • What do I get as output from using Frontline?
    Frontline will generate 100s of schedules and for each of those the user can export Gantt views, resource histograms, and lists of all changes made. Lastly, the user can, for the option selected, export an Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project file with the changes made to the schedule and import back to their standard scheduling software.
  • What is the difference between Frontline and P6 or Microsoft Project?
    Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project are scheduling software. They enable users to create project schedules. Frontline ingests schedules to understand historical performance, analyze progress, or optimize the plan and modify the schedule.
  • What is the difference between Frontline and a risk analysis?
    Risk analysis uses probabilistic distributions to look at 1 schedule and study the impact of delays and how this impacts the certainty of delivering a project by a certain date. Frontline is radically different. First, it starts with a project schedule, it generates millions of alternative plans, and finds the best ones in terms of duration, use of resources, and cost to present to the user. Each plan is a new, detailed schedule that the user may later do a risk analysis on.
  • What can I include in my plan?
    Frontline’s software is modular and flexible; you can choose any combination of our products, and specify the number of users and project number and size per year. We will provide a tailored solution for you.
  • Is every plan customizable?
    Yes! We believe in tailor-made, fast solutions. Therefore, if you have a project that requires a set of specific needs so you can reach success, we will find the most suitable solution for you and will accompany you through the process of making the best use of our AI technology.
  • How many users are included?
    It all depends on your chosen plan and your specific needs. Every project team and company operates differently hence our plans are modular and customizable. That’s why we would like to meet you. Request a demo so we can find the best solution together.
  • If I need to show my project to external partners, do they need an account?
    Frontline supports sharing results with non-team members, for you and your team to make faster decisions.
  • Can I switch between plans mid-contract?
    It's possible to upgrade or downgrade your plan throughout our partnership. If under a monthly contract, from the next month onwards your license will be modified as requested. Under an annual agreement, there are different options, either invoice pro-rata for upgrades, use credit for next year’s renewals in case of downgrades, or simply return the money.
  • How does the billing work?
    We adapt our billing depending on the needs and specifications of your procurement team and/or internal policies.We are flexible in billing both annually (at a discount) or monthly.
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