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Whether building a tunnel, a highway, or an airport, with Frontline’s AI-powered solution you can turn the complexity of your project into an optimal sequence of actions that reduce risk while optimizing time and budget.

  • Highways, roads, bridges, and tunnels.

  • Railways, subways, airports, and seaports

  • Water supply and telecommunications infrastructure



Define your goals and ensure the best path of action that will help you reach your budget and time goals.

  • Renewable energies: photovoltaic and wind parks 

  • Petrochemical, oil & gas, mining, or power generation

  • Hydroelectric, nuclear, or mining

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Maximize ROI and deliver value sooner in all your projects thanks to Frontline.

  • Highrises, condominiums, office and family buildings

  • Healthcare, education, hospitality, retail and commercial facilities

  • Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities & data centers

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Ideal for:

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Evaluating bids from contractors, understanding project progress or finding the best plan to deliver your project, Frontline’s software will be your ally to find and choose the optimal solution.

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General Contractors

Whether your goal is to develop tailored-made plans based on your own historical productivity to bid with confidence or find alternatives to reduce your own execution costs and reduce duration giving you a nice buffer for timely delivery, Frontline has got you covered.

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We get it, your business is not building stuff. But you operate critical facilities that need to be online ASAP and rely on contractors to deliver the job. Frontline is your best ally to evaluate bids from contractors, understand project progress or find the best plan to deliver your project.

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Each new project comes with its own challenges. Developing a robust and bullet-proof is the key to success, be it during tendering or when constructions starts. Frontline will help you ace your project plan!

Services and support


Frontline is your #1 partner, working closely with you and your team, so you get the best out of our technology on all your projects. Our experts will help you to: 

  • Get up to speed with Frontline & AI planning in no time

  • Explore, understand, and examine the best opportunities 

  • Find new and better ways to save time or mitigate risk

See Frontline in action


See by yourself how we have reduced project duration & optimized resources from 5-20% for some of the leading construction companies worldwide.

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Connect with us to be your next great Partner today!

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