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Modular, AI-powered scheduling software solutions

Frontline Optimizer

Our AI simulates hundreds of alternatives that reduce project duration, cost or use of resources for the project team to choose.


How it works

Studying alternatives and what-if scenarios for your schedule was never easier. After uploading your project schedule and defining simulation constraints, Frontline Optimizer will do the rest. All you have to do is pick and choose between the alternatives.

  • Simulate alternatives based on your project constraints and your optimization goal

  • Export back to P6 or MSP the best option for your project

  • Simple visualization of options & easy comparison between optimized and upload schedule

Use cases
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  • Evaluate what-if scenarios during tender

  • Allocate resources automatically to tasks to understand the resourcing requirements of your schedule

  • Evaluate the impact of delays during execution and automatically study mitigation scenarios.

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