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Modular, AI-powered scheduling software solutions

Frontline Trender

Extract productivity insights from past projects to use as a benchmark. Our AI generates in seconds a live data repository for your future projects.


How it works

Upload unlimited number fo past projects into Frontline TrenderTM. Our AI will analyze activity data and derive insights (durations per trade, productivity by type of activity, etc) to generate learnings to be used in new project schedules. Generate your own repository of productivity data and download it for decision making.

Let AI obtain learnings& insights from past projects
  • Online database of learnings from past projects for everyone and anyone to access

  • Grouped by type of activity, trade, type of project or other grouping criteria

  • Interactive and editable

Uses cases
  • Maintain a company or department live database of productivity & learnings

  • Quickly reference data from past projects when developing a new project

  • Benchmark and compare any new schedule with what you as a company have achieved

Our Artificial Intelligence software can do even more. Check our other products in our portfolio.

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