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Optimizing Complex Turnaround Projects in the Petrochemical Industry

Frontline - Case Study for the Petrochemical Industry

When a leading general contractor in the petrochemical industry faced a significant resource challenge during the planning of a large-scale turnaround project, they knew traditional methods wouldn't suffice. With thousands of scheduled activities, hundreds involving welding, the contractor struggled to source enough qualified welders, leading to logistical and financial hurdles.

Frontline - Case study - Welders Working

To tackle this, they leveraged Frontline's advanced AI software for simulation and optimization. Frontline integrates seamlessly with tools like Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project, allowing the contractor to efficiently upload and manipulate schedules. By setting constraints to minimize welding resources without extending the project timeline, Frontline enabled the contractor to simulate numerous scheduling alternatives quickly.

The results were impressive. 

Frontline - Case Study Savings

Want to know how Frontline’s powerful capabilities produced savings for over USD 300,000 plus a significant % resources reduction? Download the full case study for FREE here.


Are you a turnaround planner on the client-operator side or a contractor facing similar challenges? If you're looking to explore alternatives that can deliver your project more efficiently, contact us for a free demo of Frontline. Discover how our technology can help you achieve significant resource and cost savings in your upcoming projects.

The information of this case study has been gathered by Luis Martinez, project planner, and CEO of Frontline Industrial Software.

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